A Research-based investment approach

We offer a unique and modern research-based investment approach to investment thus, enabling the clients to realize low-risk-high-return on their investments.


In the modern times, the investors have an opportunity to invest in many different markets, however it is difficult for the investors to gain the knowledge of each market and companies listed on them. Moreover investors have various investment options such as Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Bonds, Financial Markets, Debt & Equity Funds, IPO’s etc. the returns & trends of which varies greatly, the prices and price trends of which vary from market to market. This makes it impossible for the investors to focus on their jobs as well as on various investments and their corresponding trends.

Moreover, if the investors invest without understanding the market trends, more often than not, they would end up incurring losses, thus the need for research-based investment arises. Properly researched, tried & tested investment approach enables them to grow their investments systematically and achieve their financial goals.


Vtrade Capital Investment sapplies various research methods for different investment options in different markets. This research enables them to understand the market trends, and thus, understand when to invest and when to divest. The investment and risk analysts at Vtrade Capital Investment conduct equity research and evaluate the companies listed on various stock markets like NYSE, NASDAQ, etc.

The equity research includes evaluation of the various economic aspects of the country in which the market is, like GDP, market size, growth rates, and the competitive aspects. After evaluating the financial aspects of the country, the important fiscal aspects of the companies like performance analysis statements, financial statements, cash flow statements, income statements, etc., are assessed.

The fair prices of the companies are then calculated based on the different models of Equity valuation like discounted cash flow models, relative valuations, the sum of parts valuation of the company, etc. The fair prices are then compared with the current market prices and the concurrence of the price comparisons, the performance of the markets and the performance of the companies help the analysts in deciding whether the companies are worth investing.


Research-based and systematic investment offers numerous benefits in diversifying the global portfolio for our clients. The research helps in filling the knowledge gap that exists between our clients and the companies and the stock markets. Our stock and risk analysts leverage their knowledge of finance and their understanding of the markets by following the news, interacting with the company’s management, and by analyzing the investment trends across stock markets. This further helps in identifying the actual value of the stocks and thus, help in zeroing on the stocks which can offer more returns on investment. This Research-based and systematic investment options offered by Vtrade Capital Investment has benefited its clients in achieving their financial well-being and goals year-on-year.