Legal structure

Vtrade Capital Investment is a registered company in the United Kingdom. Vtrade Capital Investment is currently in application stage of obtaining its FCA license.

We believe in full transparency, honesty and full access to information for our investors, to serve this purpose we have ensured our investors have established direct relationships with our providers.

Vtrade Capital Investment establishes and enters into agreements as an Introducing Broker with FCA regulated brokers located out of London, UK who are registered and regulated by the FCA Authority, United Kingdom. London, UK.

Vtrade Capital Investment only transacts with well known & regulated financial brokers globally.

Vtrade Capital Investment assists our investors in opening direct relationships with our counterparts globally. e.g. In London we work strictly with FCA approved, authorised & regulated Financial Brokers.

  • An investor/client open an account directly with a regulated & authorised broker. ( Vtrade Capital Investment assists in all correspondences during the account opening process).
  • The investor wires funds directly to the said broker on a segregated account in favour of the investors account. (Vtrade Capital Investment do not accept any funds from its Investors/Client).
  • The investor has access to the account 24/7 and all the details of the accounts are transparent.

(Vtrade Capital Investment gets remunerated by the brokers for the business introduced to them)