Disclaimer |Vtrade Capital Investment

While Vtrade Capital Investment has offered an average quarterly return of around 5%, the investments are subject to various risks posed by the markets.

Returns on investments cannot be guaranteed

Vtrade Capital Investment is among the top investment firms in London and has steadily provided an average quarterly return of 5% to its investors. However, the company does not guarantee the return on investment, despite its proficiency in the field of finance and investment. All the investments that are made by the company, be it on their own behalf or the behalf of their investors, are subject to market risks. All markets pose investment risks and no investment in the market is devoid of risk. Thus, however proficient the investor may be, no investment firm ever guarantees a return on investment.

Investments are subject to market risks

The past experiences and past figures recorded by Vtrade Capital Investment should not be taken at face value for its future performance. All investment made by the company is subject to various risks posed by various markets. The value of the stocks in the market may keep fluctuating, and even the markets may crash depending on various social and economic conditions in the country. The prices of the stock of the companies depend on various factors like its performance, stakeholders’ satisfaction, its perceived public image, and the number of people buying and selling the stocks. The markets are influenced by various conditions like its foreign policies, fiscal policies and changes in policies. These conditions of the market cannot be controlled. Thus, the investment firms do not bear the risks posed by the markets and the changing stock prices of the companies.

The responsibility of the investor​

Before entering into contract with Vtrade Capital Investment, the potential investors should ensure that they understand, completely the risks posed by the potential investments in addition to the rewards. The investors should determine, independently and based on their better judgment, the merit of the investment offers and the transactions which follow. The investors should also judge each investment offer and transaction based on its objectives, on their experience and on their financial and operational resources. If the investors do not have enough knowledge about the investment offers or the transactions that follow, then they should consider seeking advise from experts other than Vtrade Capital Services if they deem necessary. The investment proposals offered by Vtrade Capital Services do not constitute an offer, or a solicitation of an offer, or a recommendation to conclude any transaction unless it is explicitly mentioned in the proposal or the offer.

Vtrade Capital Investment shall not be deemed responsible

All investment proposals offered to the investors are prepared based on the assumption of the investment goals of the investors and the parameters which reflect the good faith and determination of Vtrade Capital Services. The assumptions and parameters that are used are not only the ones which might have been reasonably selected or which could have been applied in connection with the preparation or assessment of the investment proposal. A variety of additional assumptions, parameters, market factors, and considerations which could lead to an alternative yet correct analysis and assessment of the investment proposal. The investment proposals or offers do not represent or warrant performance or returns on the investment and do not indicate that the mentioned returns in the proposal will certainly be achieved in the future. All the information outlined in the investment proposals has been obtained from and is based on sources, materials, and systems which are deemed as reliable. Despite the relevance of the information in the investment proposals, Vtrade Capital Services does not guarantee its accuracy.

Special Investment Offerings and their risks

In addition to Bonds, Equities and Stocks Vtrade Capital Investment also offers an option for investment in CFDs, Options, FX, and Futures. These special investment vehicles are leveraged products and carry with them a high level of risk to the capital of the investment. If the prices move against the investment capital, it is possible that the investors stand to lose more than their capital and additional payments may be required to set off the variance in capital. These special investment products are not suitable for all investors and any investor before investing in these products should comprehend the risks involved and seek independent advise as and when necessary before the transaction is conducted.